Strain Spotlight: Motor Breath

Strain Spotlight: Motor Breath

Strain Spotlight: Mellow Out With Motorbreath

It’s no secret: we love weed and the wide variety of experiences and benefits it can provide. Every month, we are spotlighting individual cultivars to showcase their unique properties and genetics. This month, meet Motorbreath.


Indica-Dominant Hybrid Strain

Best for seasoned smokers, Motorbreath is pungent and potent, with a high THC content and a skunky, gassy, earthy aroma. The indica-heavy hybrid produces a bold and flavorful smoke with powerful notes of diesel accented by earth and citrus. Buckle in for a strong, euphoric, creative high that will lift your mind while sinking your body into the couch. Read on for everything you ever wanted to know about this award-winning, heavy-hitting strain.

The Effects of the Motorbreath Strain

Not to be underestimated, Motorbreath is highly sought after due to its extreme potency and distinctive gassy aroma that will hang around for a while after smoking. Motorbreath has a slow, smooth build, gently settling into euphoric cerebral bliss and a super stoney body high that feels like slipping into a warm bath. Motorbreath is often used therapeutically and has helped manage anxiety, stress, depression, OCD, PTSD, nausea, chronic pain, and insomnia in certain patients. 

In terms of lineage, Motorbreath has strong genes and famed parentage. It descends from Chemdawg and San Fernando Valley OG Kush, two highly regarded strains that are a real power couple when combined. In fact, Chemdawg is the parent to several powerhouse progenies, including MotorBreath’s popular half-sibling, Sour Diesel.

Motorbreath Lineage

Chemdawg has been a staple in the cannabis community since the nineties, with whispers of mysterious origins involving a Grateful Dead concert, a handful of seeds, and one lucky grower. It is rumored to be the child of Nepalese and Thai landrace strains, two  original and pure cannabis strains that were grown in their native environment and have not been bred with any other strain. True to its name and extended family, Chemdawg is best known for its bold chem-diesel aroma and flavor. It creates a pungent, skunky smoke that is impressively potent and tends to linger.


While Chemdawg passed down multiple wonderful qualities to its offspring Motorbreath, the most known and noticeable is by far its signature diesel-heavy, herbal, chemical taste and aroma. In addition to its fuel-like flavor, Motorbreath inherited Chemdawg’s crisp cerebral effects blended with a heavy-body high, as well as its extreme potency. Chemdawg has the unique quality of enhancing whatever it encounters – a euphoric couch chill session, a creative brainstorm, or a good workout, making it great for any time day or night. It has also been known to help with chronic inflammation, migraines, and depression.


Motorbreath’s other parent is SFV OG Kush, also known as San Fernando Valley OG Kush, as it was first grown in that area of Southern California. SFV OG Kush, equal in both fame and potency to Chemdawg, is a powerful member of the legendary OG Kush family. SFV OG Kush has a sativa start with an indica finish, beginning with an energizing, focused head high that promotes conversation and gradually fades into a hazy, sedative body calm.  This strain is a great fit for people who want pain relief without getting stuck on the couch. SFV OG Kush can help with pain, stress, and anxiety, lifting moods, and alleviating mental and physical symptoms of all kinds.

SFV OG Kush passed on its broad medicinal attributes: euphoric start,warm sedative body high, and a bit of its flavor. While Chemdawg made sure to instill its strong chem roots into all of its children, Motorbreath’s taste is slightly less diesel-forward than its scent, with a subtle earthy citrus note on the tongue and an herbal kush exhale; in case you doubted its OG heritage.

Motorbreath is perfect for experienced Chemdawg and OG fans looking for a hard-hitting, fuel-forward high. Check out our Where To Buy page for information on where to find Motorbreath in your area! We can’t wait to get you high.

Check out our Where To Buy page for more information on where to find MotorBreath in your area! 

We can’t wait to get you high.

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