Strain Spotlight: Deep Breath

As cannabis cultivators, we know first hand how overwhelming it can be to recognize and understand the wide variety of flavors, aromas, and experiences unique to each individual weed strain. Each month, we are spotlighting individual cultivars to showcase their unique properties and origin stories. This month’s feature is Deep Breath.

 Deep Breath is an indica-dominant but balanced hybrid that lends itself to creativity and instant relaxation. It has a sweet berry flavor combined with gassy notes and a sour exhale. Deep Breath hits fast with an energizing and uplifting creative boost, accompanied by a relaxing body high that keeps you anchored without killing your energy.

 Not recommended for new smokers, Deep Breath has a pungent smoke and a potent, fast-hitting high. Its aroma is a blend of sweet berries rounded out by spicy chem undertones. The pungent smoke tends to fill the room and then linger, meaning this strain is not very discreet. Deep Breath is sweet and gassy on the tongue with a slightly sour exhale and near-immediate euphoric mental lift. This euphoria may lean towards the creative and chatty, uplifting your mood and bringing inspiration simultaneously. Soon after, Deep Breath settles into a warm, full body high that will have you deeply physically relaxed without fogging up your brain. This combination makes it ideal for treating anxiety, depression, chronic pain, stress, muscle spasms, and mood swings.

 Deep Breath itself is top tier, so it’s no surprise this soothing strain has some serious celebrity heritage. It descends from a cross between Mendo Breath and Gorilla Glue #4, which was then crossed with Alien Breath. Mendo Breath is a hard to find but easy going indica that’s part OG Kush Breath lineage, and part Mendo Montage. Mendo Breath is perfect for evenings, with a cerebral rush followed by a heavy, sedative couch lock. It can be a lot for new smokers, but its creamy sweet flavor is sure to lull you into a cozy, snoozy high.

 Gorilla Glue #4 AKA Gorilla Glue, Original Glue, or Glue, is a highly awarded and extremely sought after hybrid cultivar that is often considered to be one of the best weed strains of all time. This bud is highly potent and extremely sticky, with a spicy chem chocolate flavor and diesel-forward exhale. Gorilla Glue guarantees a heavy handed euphoria and relaxation, combined with a hard hitting, long lasting body high. Grab your snacks ahead of time for GG, because you will undoubtedly be glued to the couch for a couple of hours. Mendo Breath and Gorilla Glue passed down their sweetness, potency, pungency, and warm, melty body highs to baby Deep Breath.

 Parent number two, Alien Breath, is a rich and tangy hybrid with strong OG elements. It tends to be a bit esoteric and difficult to find, but well worth it if you do. This strain is great for medical use, as it ultimately provides a calm sense of joy and complete body relaxation. It is citrus-forward and fruity with herbal kush and spicy undertones and can treat anything from anxiety and depression to muscular dystrophy to insomnia and lack of appetite. A modern classic with OG heritage, Alien Breath passed on its sense of calm, joy, and relaxation and, for some, a potential for chattiness. Deep Breath is ideal for experienced smokers looking for deep, full body relaxation balanced by a creative mental euphoria.

Check out our Where To Buy page for more information on where to find Deep Breath in your area! We can’t wait to get you high.

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