Strain Spotlight: Blue Dream

Strain Spotlight: Blue Dream

At High Minded Cannabis Co, we are on a mission to be consistent cultivators of the absolute finest cannabis in the Midwest. We use cutting edge precision-farming techniques to grow strains of all kinds and offer something for everyone, no matter what your experience level with cannabis. We love to geek out about weed, so we’re spotlighting one special strain on our blog each month.

This December, we would like to introduce you to a strain that needs no introduction: Blue Dream. Blue Dream is an incredibly versatile and well-balanced sativa-forward hybrid cultivar. By most accounts, it originated in California during the early aughts and has been a go-to strain for novices and cannasseurs alike ever since. Read on for everything you need to know about this legendary strain!

Baby Blue Dream has some famous and renowned parents: Blueberry and Haze. Both have a significant reputation and are considered noteworthy for their potency and unparalleled highs. Blueberry, a descendent of Purple Thai and Thai, leans indica, while Haze is a sativa that is sometimes also known as “OG Haze.”

Blueberry is sweet and fruity, a delicious quality that was fortunately passed down to its progeny. It has been around since around the late 70s, and won the High Times’ Cannabis Cup for Best Indica in 2000. Blueberry is still a killer strain, known for its high THC content that gives it a “one hit and quit” reputation. Very much an indica, Blueberry provides a strong, relaxing euphoric effect, combined with a deep body relaxation that borders on couch lock heaviness. Medically speaking, this strain has some incredible properties for pain management, mental health struggles, and insomnia.

Blue Dream’s other parent, Haze, has genetics stemming from across the globe including Colombia, Mexico, Thailand, and South India. Originating in Santa Cruz, California sometime in the 60s, Haze has been a staple in the industry for decades. It’s a strong, one of a kind sativa and the proud parent of many wonderful hybrids all over the world. Known to hit hard and fast, its spicy-sweet smoke makes for a high-energy, creative, talkative high that’s perfect for daytime. Haze is often used medicinally for mental health support as well as help with digestive issues and general inflammation. It can even help treat insomnia in some cases as it has a particularly calming come down.

The true child of its elite parents, Blue Dream is near perfect, if you ask us. The strain itself is an activating, sativa-dominant hybrid that produces cerebral stimulation and full body relaxation. A fan favorite, Blue Dream smells and tastes like blueberry pie with a sweetness that lingers on the tongue. Below the berry sweetness is a surprisingly earthy undertone of spicy sandalwood.

Blue Dream produces a robust and euphoric creative cerebral rush, followed by a hazy calm with a mellow body buzz. It boasts a myriad of benefits including melting away anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and fatigue. Some say this bud even has aphrodisiac properties as well. It is great for enjoying during the day to keep you motivated and happy, without super sedative effects. Blue Dream is a staple, blending calm and creative and perfectly balancing its parents’ properties to create a truly harmonious high.

Check out our Where To Buy page for information on where to find Blue Dream in your area! We can’t wait to get you high.