Strain Spotlight: Tenzin Kush

Strain Spotlight: Tenzin Kush

Strain Spotlight: Settle Down With Tenzin Kush 

At High-Minded Cannabis Co, we are on a mission to be consistent cultivators of the absolute finest cannabis in the Midwest. We use precision farming to cultivate fan favorites, connoisseur-approved cultivars, and even a few specialty strains you won’t find anywhere else. 

Indica-Dominant Strain

Deep dives, attention to detail, and geeking out about weed are kind of our thing, so we’ll be spotlighting one special strain on our blog every month. This November, we would like to introduce you to Tenzin Kush. Tenzin Kush is a genetically unique and extremely sought-after indica dominant strain, with a rich terpene profile and an amazing high. Read on for everything you need to know about this fantastic strain!

Branches on Tenzin Kush’s Family Tree

Let’s start with lineage. Tenzin Kush comes from some potent and skunky chem roots that give it a creeping potency and unique profile. Descended from Sour OG and 78 Old School Affie, Tenzin Kush has ancestors all over the world, from California to New York to Hawaii to Colombia to Thailand to Pakistan. This adds a unique and thoroughly balanced nature that puts Tenzin Kush in a league of its own.

1. Sour OG

If you’re unfamiliar, parent Sour OG (originally known as 818 Headband) is a balanced 60/40 sativa-leaning strain with a pungency and potency inherited from its parents, (Tenzin’s Grandparents) Sour Diesel and OG Kush. This strain has a funky, gassy aroma with notes of sour citrus, pine, and kerosene. Sour OG balances the cerebral and soothing properties of its predecessors, beginning with an energetic head high that slowly gives way to a deeply relaxing body stone. This generous parent passed down its uplifting, euphoric effects as well as its classic Kush tendency to release tension in the body to baby Tenzin.

2. 78 Old School Affie

Parent number two is 78 Old School Affie. This is a diverse strain, believed to be a cross between Lemon Thai, Pakistani Landrace, and Colombian Gold. Its transatlantic genetics can create a variety of effects that may depend on individual people’s body chemistry. Above all, 78 Old School Affie is an indica, and a heavy one. Its typical effects are said to be a lucid calm focus, total body relaxation, and a chatty curiosity for some. It soothes aches and pains, anxiety and insomnia, but won’t totally couch-lock you when used in moderation. 78 Old School Affie passed down its dreamy, tingly high to baby Tenzin, balancing out Sour OG’s social and energetic head high while maintaining the euphoric nature of both.

The Effects of the Tenzin kush Weed Strain

Tenzin Kush itself is a strong and aromatic indica with frosty buds that alternate between purple and green. It is extremely sought after for its rich terpene profile and dreamy, uplifting high. It has a gassy aroma and flavor notes of florals and fuel that fade into a cooling grape menthol for a refreshing finish. Naturally, as an indica, Tenzin plunges you into a gradual but deep relaxation, body and mind. However, it’s not quite as sleepy as it sounds. Tenzin is a happy, euphoric, and dreamy high that keeps you lifted and awake as the world falls into soft focus all around you.

Check out our Where To Buy page for information on where to find Tenzin Kush in your area! We can’t wait to get you high.