Crushing Cancer with Crush OG

Crushing Cancer with Crush OG

We’d like to introduce you to Chivonne Rush, Stash Ventures’ Marketing Director who oversees marketing for both High Minded and our sister business, Timber Cannabis Co. She is also a breast cancer survivor. This is the story of how cannabis helped her through treatment and how High Minded is paying it forward.

Chivonne will be the first to tell you her job is very important to her, and much of her life revolves around work. She first realized something was wrong at the grand opening of a new Timber Cannabis Co. location earlier this year. Breast cancer runs in her family, so she wanted to be sure. But of course, after the store was opened successfully.

When her aunt and nurse practitioner friend heard about her concern, Chivonne was able to get a mammogram, ultrasound, and biopsy scheduled all in one day during the last week of March. The diagnosis came on April 7: Chivonne officially had breast cancer. She was supposed to be on the road for work during the whole month of April, but all of her plans had to change. She even had a doctor’s appointment on 4/20. The ultrasound tech couldn’t believe what she was hearing: Wait, you work in the cannabis industry? And you’re more upset about missing a 4/20 celebration than being here? Chivonne couldn’t believe it either. On April 26, she began chemotherapy.

When Chivonne shared the news with her coworkers, the team immediately pulled out all the stops to support her and accommodate whatever was needed – including all the free weed she wanted to get through treatment. She decided to document her experience with different strains as she navigated chemotherapy. Chivonne jokingly told the office she didn’t want any hoopla about cancer, but she did want a strain named for her. As she thought more about it, however, she realized they had a real opportunity to create something good out of a bad situation. Chivonne has a friend who had gone through cancer treatment in college and told her the best thing he could do is keep showing up. No matter how you feel, just show up. Chivonne decided to show up not only for herself but for her community.

She chose a favorite High Minded strain – the one she found herself reaching for over and over throughout treatment: Zookies. As anyone with knowledge of chemo will tell you, it is miserable. It comes with a whole host of physical and emotional symptoms, often including major difficulty sleeping and eating. Zookies is clear-headed but euphoric, fun, and motivating, and also helps a lot with appetite. We decided to rename a special harvest of Zookies, Crush OG, both because of Chivonne’s name (C. Rush) and because the goal is to CRUSH cancer.  We timed the harvest to be able to announce Crush OG during October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Proceeds from sales of Crush OG will go to support women going through breast cancer.

High Minded Crush OG will be available in all Timber Cannabis Co. locations, as well as other retailers around Michigan. We hope to get each store to match our donations, to maximize the contributions and awareness we are able to raise for the cause.

More About Crush OG

Crush OG is the perfect stress-relieving and anti-inflammatory blend that keeps you alert, motivated, and feeling good. Throughout her journey to crush cancer, Chivonne Found solace in this core High Minded strain, aka Zookies, whether she was chilling on the couch watching Super Troopers or leaving everyone in the wake of her paddleboard.