Women in Weed: Chivonne Rush

Women in Weed: Chivonne Rush

Women in Weed: Chivonne Rush

Last year, we introduced you to Chivonne Rush, Stash Ventures’ Marketing Manager who oversees marketing for both High Minded and our sister business, Timber Cannabis Co. After being diagnosed with breast cancer, Chivonne and the High Minded team chose to give back. Chivonne selected a personal favorite High Minded strain, the one she found herself reaching for over and over throughout treatment. We packed it up, named it Crush OG, and donated proceeds to support women navigating breast cancer treatment. This year, we are doing it again!

As anyone who has battled cancer knows, the cancer treatment itself is just the beginning. Chivonne finished up her chemo, only to find that there were new symptoms and challenges to address. There were hospital follow ups and reconstruction surgery, not to mention the deep emotional toll that cancer takes. People don’t often speak publicly about it, but a cancer diagnosis can affect every part of one’s life, and often necessitates different and evolving forms of support.

As Chivonne moves through this chapter, nearly two years after diagnosis, she has found that cannabis’ purpose has changed for her. Naturally, so has her go-to treatment strain. Lately, Chivonne has been turning to our new Crush OG, Sour Sunset Sherbet, which is dreamy, uplifting, and deeply relaxing. She loves the pre-rolls, especially for a chill, restorative high that combats inflammation, stress, and pain.

Giving back to the community is incredibly important to us here at High Minded. Since launching last year’s Crush OG, we have expanded our work on charity strains, and now run quarterly campaigns benefiting community members in need. Chivonne is proud to be able to use her experiences and those of her team to help guide High Minded philanthropy efforts. In a way, she says, it feels almost cathartic to be able to share her story and those of others, in this way. She likens the effort to making lemons into lemonade. “It started as a joke two years ago, and now we’re giving away $16,000 to different charities throughout the year. It makes us feel good about the shitty stuff we go through.”

Proceeds from sales of our 2023 batch of Crush OG will go to support families fighting breast cancer, and its aftermath. High Minded Crush OG will be available in all Timber Cannabis Co. locations, as well as other retailers around Michigan.

More About Crush OG

Crush OG is a strong, indica dominant hybrid with smoke that is pungent, skunky, and diesel-forward in aroma and flavor, with notes of tropical fruit and a spicy-sweet citrus exhale. Sour Sunset Sherbert is both a stoney dream and a slow burn, with a gradual creeping high that relaxes the body while lifting your mind into a euphoric and often cerebral state of bliss. This one is recommended for late afternoon or evening consumption, starting off dreamy and contemplative, and building into a tingly and near hypnotic state of couch-locked relaxation. With a thick layer of trichomes and high THC content, this terpene-filled strain is both anti-inflammatory and analgesic. This makes it a great choice for managing symptoms of chronic pain and inflammation as well as stress, tension, and anxiety.