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Strain Spotlight: Sour Sunset Sherbet

Strain Spotlight: Sour Sunset Sherbet 

At High Minded, we offer a wide variety of weed cultivars originating from all over the map, each with its own unique story. Every month, we are choosing one of our favorite strains to spotlight in order to showcase their unique flavors, properties, and heritage. This month’s feature is another heavy hitter: Sour Sunset Sherbet.

Sour Sunset Sherbet is a strong, indica dominant hybrid with smoke that is pungent, skunky, and diesel-forward in aroma and flavor, with notes of tropical fruit and a spicy-sweet citrus exhale. Sour Sunset Sherbert is both a stoney dream and a slow burn, with a gradual creeping high that relaxes the body while lifting your mind into a euphoric and often cerebral state of bliss. This one is recommended for late afternoon or evening consumption, starting off dreamy and contemplative, and building into a tingly and near hypnotic state of couch-locked relaxation. It’s great for free-flowing philosophical conversations, gaming, or making art. Plus, with a thick layer of trichomes and high THC content, this terpene-filled strain is both anti-inflammatory and analgesic. This makes it a great choice for managing symptoms of chronic pain and inflammation disorders – or even just a headache! It’s also fantastic for melting away stress, tension, and anxiety.

Sour Sunset Sherbet originated in California, when a female AJ Sour Diesel clone was crossed with a male Sunset Sherbet, and the rest is history! With iconic genetics on both sides of the family, Sour Sunset Sherbet’s power and popularity are not surprising. Its mother, Sour Diesel, is an extremely popular sativa with fast-acting, energizing, and often downright dreamy effects. It has a pungent chem-diesel profile and is especially helpful in relieving symptoms of depression, chronic pain, and stress. Sour Diesel became popular in the early nineties and has been a legendary strain ever since. Mama Diesel passed along her heavy gassy aroma and dreamy, cerebral stone to her offspring.

Sour Sunset Sherbet’s father, Sunset Sherbet, descends from the renown OG Kush family. Sherbet Senior’s parents are also legends in their own right: Girl Scout Cookies and Pink Panties. Sunset Sherbet is a relaxing indica-dominant hybrid, with a sweet and berry-like scent layered with zesty citrus undertones and a pungent, skunky kick on the back end. This bud will have your body feeling deeply relaxed, while your mind is elevated to a happy, giggly high. Not only does Sunset Sherbet taste like sherbet, but its buds are nearly as colorful, boasting greens and purples accented by dark orange. Due to its high THC levels, Sunset Sherbet is often sought out for medicinal use in addition to recreational consumption. It is known to help with mood disorders, stress, and tension as it generally induces a calm and carefree state of mind. Sunset Sherbet passed along a little citrus and skunk, as well as its soothing body high, potency, and chill state of mind to the next generation.

Sour Sunset Sherbet is a fantastic strain for unwinding while crafting, gaming, or catching up on episodes of your favorite shows. It also may lead to deep, philosophical conversations and enhanced creativity! Check out our Where To Buy page for more information on where to find Sour Sunset Sherbet in your area. We can’t wait to get you high.