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In 2020, when the world had stopped, High Minded was just getting started. It was an undoubtedly challenging time to start a business, but our team forged ahead, committed to seeing it through. Led by a husband and wife duo with a wealth of experience in the retail business and a strong focus on giving back to the community, High Minded was created with the goal of becoming the best quality, most consistent cannabis in the Midwest.

Through our experience in running the parent company, Stash Ventures, and growing our sister business, Timber Cannabis Co, we have found that trustworthy, consistent products are both crucial to the Midwestern market and sometimes hard to come by. With our state-of-the-art cannabis processing & cultivation facilities, precision farming, and talented team of experts, we create top-quality products cultivated by experts you can trust.

The High Minded team brings a combination of business acumen, careful decision-making, and heart to the process, a tried and true combination that is reflected in the end product. Our intentionality and attention to detail drive every stage of growth and production, with precision and care given to each plant and each product every step of the way. We produce both OG strains you know and love and uniquely uncommon strains that you can’t find anywhere else. Our strains are genetically diverse, always evolving, and cultivated with a combination of expert horticulture and tender loving care.

Our work is not only rooted in a commitment to quality and consistency, but also in giving back to our community. We are privileged to be in this business and work hard to pay it forward, frequently donating to local non-profit organizations and providing staff with paid time off to volunteer their time and energy to the community as well.

As one of the top cannabis processing & cultivation facilities, we are proud to offer High Minded cannabis, uniquely rooted in passion, precision, and perseverance. Try our bud and you’ll see, taste, and feel the difference. Get the high you deserve with High Minded.