Supporting Vets Through DD420

Supporting Vets Through DD420

This month, we’re excited to spotlight one very special strain helping us give back to our veteran community. The strain is called DD420, and proceeds will go to 92 For 22, an organization named for the devastating statistic that roughly 22 veterans die by suicide each day in America. 92 For 22 provides extensive, personalized support and resources to help veterans and their families thrive. We worked with two of our fantastic veteran team members to develop this campaign, and spoke with them to hear all about how marijuana has changed their lives. Read on for details about the impacts of both their service and their smoking!

Meet Jonathan Bailey:

Jonathan is the Inventory Specialist for the Three Rivers location of our sister business, Timber Cannabis Co. He enlisted in the Marine Corps in 2014, right after graduating high school. During boot camp, Jonathan suffered a traumatic brain injury which causes chronic headaches. He then worked as an armorer, where he suffered several subsequent concussions, which contributed to headaches and pain he still struggles with to this day. For Jonathan, cannabis has offered a welcome alternative for pain management, as well as treatment for the symptoms of his ADHD. His brother was likewise able to avoid heavy prescription drugs by using marijuana when he had a spinal fusion. 

Jonathan is passionate about spreading the word about using marijuana as an alternative to pharmaceuticals. The idea to name the featured strain “DD420” was actually inspired by Jonathan. When he received his DD214 form, which certifies release from active military duty, he rolled it into a joint and smoked it. When asked about DD420 and our focus on veterans for this quarter, Jonathan says: “I’m stoked to see the DD420 strain roll out and for people to try it. I greatly believe that through marijuana, we can kick the trend of an opioid crazed VA, and help drastically lower the number. 22 a day is 22 too many.”

Meet Ryan Johns:

Ryan is our Security Coordinator! He enlisted in the military in 2006 and served ten years of active duty. Starting out as a mechanic, Ryan then became an interrogator and was deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan. His service left him with PTSD, chronic issues with his back and ankle, and a lot of trouble sleeping. After attempting to navigate symptom management with prescription medications, Ryan switched to weed which has helped tremendously with his chronic pain and PTSD symptoms. Most importantly, marijuana has allowed him to sleep soundly for the first time in 14 years.

He notes that the VA is quick to write prescriptions for drugs that can be addictive or have unpleasant side effects for many. Like Jonathan, Ryan is extremely passionate about advocating for marijuana as an alternative to pharmaceuticals, as well as a tool to help those who struggle with other substances to maintain a healthier lifestyle. He shared with us the story of two of his close friends – one who tragically died by suicide as a result of PTSD, and another who, through the power of cannabis, was able to get sober from alcohol, treat his own PTSD, and vastly improve his mental health.

“One of the most motivating things for me everyday going to work is that I know that I work for a company who cares about people like me. Not just employees, but veterans and people who are dealing with issues like PTSD,” he says. “Helping my fellow veterans is one of the most important things in my life, and to be working for a company that shares that value makes everyday at work worthwhile!”

More About DD420: It’s high time to pop smoke. This peppery powerhouse hybrid is not for the faint of heart; it’s for the warriors. We pumped the gas on this bud, so you can hit the brakes. With this bag, you’re officially relieved from your duties.

DD420 is a chill and uplifting indica dominant strain with strong genetics, high potency, and relaxing, pain-relieving effects. It is especially beloved for its calming properties which are helpful in treating insomnia, PTSD, stress, and body tension.