Mary and Her Magic Medicine

Mary and Her Magic Medicine

Here at High Minded, and at our sister companies Cloud Cannabis and  Timber Cannabis Co, we work hard to give back to our communities. Each quarter, we select a nonprofit to support with sales of a specialty strain. For the second year, we are excited to announce Mary’s Magic, a truly magical weed strain which will be available in flower, pre-rolls, vape carts, and gummies starting in July.

Mary’s Magic is named for our resident “hippy granny,” Mary McCauley. Mary works as a budtender at the Timber Three Rivers location, where she has garnered a reputation for her warm charisma and captivating stories of her colorful life. She was raised in a commune in the Mojave Desert, has lived in all but six states, and has raised five children. She spent twenty years as a bill collector, and was, in her words, “the meanest person [she] knew,” until a routine blood test led to a leukemia diagnosis that upended her entire life. Mary needed to begin treatment as soon as possible, but the medication she needed cost $2000 per month. With the cost of treatment on top of the cost of living, Mary lost everything – her home, her savings, her belongings. Fortunately, she was able to keep her head above water until a generic version of the medication was released and became more accessible.

That was nearly twenty years ago, but unfortunately not much has changed in terms of affordability of care and many blood cancer patients struggle financially. “Right now we’re just struggling to get people to treatment,” Mary says. Sales of Mary’s Magic will benefit the Blood Cancer Foundation of Michigan, which works to ensure the emotional, social, and financial stability of Michigan patients and families as they navigate their blood cancer journeys.

“They do so much for blood cancer, but at this time, every dime we donated last year, it’s all going to gas cards,” Mary says, hoping to raise enough funding to also support patients in other ways, like with rent and utility bills. While the needs of blood cancer patients haven’t changed much, Mary’s perspective has. “When you lose everything and you think you’re going to lose your life, you really discover who you are.” She went from a “mean bill collector” to a beloved granny, teammate, and friend, working to make things better for others. “To have your own line is every stoner’s dream!” Mary laughs, emphasizing what a huge help weed has been in managing her symptoms and helping her navigate hardships. She is passionate about doing her part to help others have a better experience than she did with blood cancer treatment. Mary wants folks with cancer and similar conditions to know that your illness doesn’t mean you have to lose yourself.

About Mary’s Magic:

Mary’s Magic is a smooth and fruity hybrid strain with a sweet berry flavor and an intense, well rounded high. It has a full bodied, dank aroma that is fruity and floral with pungent skunky undertones. Mary’s Magic tastes like oranges and overripe berries, with a hint of chocolate on the exhale. Not for beginners, this bud has been described as bordering on psychedelic, with a sedative body buzz. A little goes a long way, and its magical, wide-ranging effects can help manage symptoms of chronic pain, insomnia, depression, ADHD, headaches, nausea, lack of appetite, and more. It hits quickly, lasts a long time, and provides relief for deep seated aches and pains while lifting your spirits. Mary loves this magical strain because it has something for everyone and can be smoked day or night. “It’s smooth, sweet, and perfect for summer days.”

You can keep up with Mary on her IG at @maryhippygranny or stop by and visit her at Timber Three Rivers.