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Strain Spotlight: Cadillac Rainbows

Strain Spotlight: Cadillac Rainbows

Here at High Minded, (and at our sister company, Timber Cannabis Co), we believe in making a difference in the world and our communities. We intentionally structured our business with the goal of being able to give back as soon as possible and we work to incorporate giving into every aspect of our business and culture. We are committed to quarterly campaigns that benefit local animal organizations, veterans, LGBTQIA+ community members, and individuals experiencing food insecurity. Today we launch our 2024 quarter 1 philanthropy strain, Cadillac Rainbows. We spoke to Jennifer James, packaging supervisor,  to discuss what it’s like to be a member of the LGBTQIA+ community and the Stash team

Jennifer is a proud member of the LGBTQIA+ and cannabis communities. She explains that cannabis and the LGBTQIA+ community have historically always had a close relationship, because their struggles for legalization and against stigma go hand in hand. In fact, many credit the queer community as being instrumental in the legalization of medical marijuana in California, through their work to create access to legal medicinal weed for those affected by the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Once Jennifer realized that working in the weed industry was the place for her, she says, everything made sense. She grew up in what she describes as a rough situation during a different time, when it was even harder to be openly LGBTQIA+. She came out in her 30s, and always struggled with finding a place where she could be her “own kind of weird.” Jennifer and her wife moved to Michigan from Nevada, but not before doing a lot of research. Luckily for us, they landed at High Minded. (Her wife works for us too!)

“When it comes to the workplace, it really is something special,” she says about our commitment to philanthropy. “Knowing that this company gives back means more than I can express in words.” To celebrate and support our queer community, in the first quarter of 2024, proceeds from sales of High Minded’s Cadillac Rainbows products will go to a local organization supporting queer Michiganders. Jennifer likes Cadillac Rainbows for its relaxing, anxiety-calming properties, and for its name of course! Our Cadillac Rainbows product line includes flower, pre-rolls, live resin vape carts, live resin concentrate and purple sparkly live resin gummies so there are even more ways to pay it forward.

About Cadillac Rainbows: Cadillac Rainbows is an indica dominant hybrid that will take you for a ride. Its colorful buds burn gassy and fruity, with a lemon, diesel, and slightly minty flavor and aroma. Cadillac Rainbows is extremely potent and definitely not for beginners. Frequent smokers will enjoy its relaxed, euphoric, snacky effects that hit quickly, melting you into the couch and a deep, happy head high.

Sales of Cadillac Rainbows throughout the first quarter of 2024 will benefit Great Lakes Bay Pride, one of the few LGBTQIA+ organizations in the area. The nonprofit provides inclusive sexual orientation and gender identity/expression education, advocacy, networking, and resources to individuals and organizations in the Mt. Pleasant area. Find out where to purchase Cadillac Rainbows by visiting our Where to Buy page.