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Growers Reserve is a stellar product that exceeds
our expectations from our High Minded harvest.
We expect every harvest to be excellent but
sometimes the stars align, and we have gorgeous
buds with superior testing results that produce
an amazing taste and terpene profile. These buds
are hand trimmed and put into our collectible,
light blocking glassware so you can enjoy
the perfect hit.

best weed strain

Deep Breath

The Perfect Hit

  • Meticulously chosen
  • Big buds
  • Hand-trimmed
  • Ideal trichome structure
  • Over 3% Terpenes
  • Above average THC %
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We’re all about precision farming, and that
ensures the majority of our product is top
notch. But let’s be real, sometimes stuff
doesn’t go as planned; our testing doesn’t
meet our expectation or we overproduced.
When this happens, we drop the price so you
get the best value. It’s definitely not bad, it
just not what we planned for.

You’re gonna grind it up anyway, right?

Available in:

5 pack .7 gram pre-rolls

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Pre-packed 3.5g bags

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Pre-packed 1oz bags

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